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Particulate Matter Emissions - Possible Rulemaking

We invite you to comment on the particulate matter emissions permitting report. We plan to use your input to inform possible future rulemaking to amend the control equipment rules.

One of the pollutants the MPCA monitors and regulates is particulate matter (PM), which includes dust, soot, smoke, liquid droplets, and other fine particles. Agency air permits restrict the emissions of PM10 (particles less than 10 microns in diameter) and PM2.5 (less than 2.5 microns in diameter). The limits on pollutants in air permits are based on how much air pollution a facility could emit.

Some air permit applicants use the information specified in the control equipment rule to calculate their potential PM10 emissions. However, the rule doesn't include detail for PM2.5, so applicants must provide additional technical justification to support their calculations. When the MPCA adopted the current PM10 control equipment rule in 2007, the dataset used was not large enough to support including PM2.5. After an additional 15 years of testing and experience, we are considering adding PM2.5 information to the rules. This report includes data and findings for PM2.5 control equipment.

Developing rules through rulemaking is a thorough and lengthy process with several opportunities for the public to provide comments and feedback. For more information regarding MPCA's rulemaking authority and process, visit our website.

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Thank you for providing feedback on this report. We value your comments and we plan to use the input we receive on the report to inform a possible future rulemaking to amend the control equipment rules.

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